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IntroducingJon Randles

With a degree in English Literature and Classical Studies and a career that includes being a truck driver, telemarketer, GM of a Language school in Japan, a Business Banking Manager with ANZ, and co-founder of a successful marketing agency, I draw on a wide range of experiences when helping business owners.

A Cambridge course in 2005 enhanced my training ability, and I have honed those skills in classrooms, boardrooms, and most recently, Zoom ‘rooms’ ever since.

Let me tell you why I made the step into the Trusted Advisor Network. I started a business over a decade ago that had great clients and fast growth, but we weren’t as profitable as I thought we should be especially with the efforts we were putting in.

So we brought in an advisor to regularly work with us owners to shine a light on key areas of the business. Within 12 months our turnover was up 32%, net profit was up a whopping 870% and our bank account went from being in the red to over 6 figures.

I saw how having an external sounding board asking the right questions can help.

The business got to a stage where it didn’t need me to work in it everyday and so I made the step to help other business owners.

Talking to business owners has always been a passion of mine, and moving into a structured coaching and advising role in order to help them has been incredibly fulfilling.

I’m happy to chat and workshop ideas so please drop me a line.